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Journey through
the Wardrobe.

Become a Narnian and explore a new world with Enter-Narnia.
Time to Explore.
Narnia is a diverse world, and so is Enter-Narnia. Enjoy your life in Narnia whether you love
the thrill of battle, finding rare trinkets, or just chatting with your friends.


Show the bad guys who's boss.

There's always some pesky villains trying to destroy Narnia.
Use your skills to keep Narnia safe. You'll get Narnia Bucks,
rare items, and Aslan's admiration.

The Strongest Narnians

Strongest: Jadis
Strength: 11

Smartest: Edmund
Intelligence: 111

Most Experienced: Jadis
Experience: 1674


Exciting and magical items await you in Narnia. You'll earn rare artifacts by playing games, battling, doing quests, and buying them in shops. Even better, you can trade items and Narnia Bucks with other users to get what you want! Save up to obtain powerful weapons, collectible stamps and much more!

Latest Items

Lucys Petal Charm

Dragonfly Charm

Jeweled Charm

Fantastical Helmet
Powerful Artifacts

Aslans Sword

Lucys Flask

Jadis Wand

Aslans Shield

  Fun & Games.

We are constantly adding new games for the more playful Narnians.
Do Quests for Aslan, play dice with Reepicheep and more!


Enter-Narnia is a community of dedicated friends. Chat on the forums and discuss the books, films, the site, and life. Some of our members have been friends since we opened in 2007...over seven years! Here's to seven more.
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Aslans Quest Items
Battle Downtime
Mobile Design
A new world awaits you.
We can't wait for you to enter Narnia and have some fun with us. Our users are amazing, and we want you to be one, too!
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